Welcome to the official website of Luigui Bleand, a true maestro of urban soundscapes whose life's symphony began in the most humble of settings. Born Luis Alfredo Silverio Esmanier in Haiti in 1991 and later embracing the rhythmic embrace of Monte Cristi in the Dominican Republic, Luigui's tale is one of resilience and rhythm. His childhood in an orphanage was not a story of limitations, but a canvas for his boundless creativity, where his passion for music emerged as a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of dreams.

Embarking on his musical odyssey at the tender age of thirteen, Luigui honed his craft within the hallowed walls of recording studios, weaving his experiences into a rich tapestry of sound. A virtuoso by any measure, Luigui's mastery extends across over eight instruments, each a voice in his diverse repertoire. His distinctive 'Reggae-Pop' style, an alchemy of Caribbean beats and modern vibes, resonates with the influence of luminaries such as The Weeknd, Miley Cyrus, and Maluma, manifesting in the infectious rhythms of tracks like "Mueve Eso."

Beyond his melodies, Luigui has left an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape. His ascent to the top of the charts and collaborations with Netflix signal not just a personal triumph but the emergence of Reggaeton as the definitive pop sound of our time. As the founder of Bleand Style Recordings, Inc., he is not merely an artist but an architect of cultural bridges, a champion for the underdog, and a visionary whose music is a vibrant celebration of life's streets and stories.

Luigui Bleand is more than a musical phenom; he is a cultural force, an ambassador of a new era where music transcends boundaries and speaks the universal language of inspiration. Dive into the world of Luigui Bleand, where every beat tells a story and every song is a journey home.

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