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Luigui Bleand is a man with an impressive repertoire. Not only is he an impassioned singer, he is also a songwriter, producer, actor and executive of his own record label, Bleand Style Recordings, Inc. Born in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic, Luigui has always felt a strong connection to music. As a young child he spent many years living in an orphanage, but his love for music gave him the strength to endure these hardships and emerge the talented artist he is today.

Working in recording studios since the age of 13, Luigui Bleand spent years building up his experience, establishing his own studio and making recordings for local artists. In 2011, he moved to Dominican Republic capital, Santo Domingo, where he would meet Reynaldo Sanchez, owner of Sonolab Estudio, who would impart Luigui with his knowledge and experience to make him the best producer that he could be. After two years of training, Luigui signed a 15 year distribution contract with Sony Music.

From being the restless young Dominican, Luigui Bleand became the pioneer in music marketing in his country, as well as a role-model for other young Dominicans seeking to achieve their dreams. Now, Luigui seeks to expand his already successful career into his own original music.

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